Notary Public Disowns First Banks’ Tripartite Legal Mortgage At House Committee Public Hearing(Video)

It was a festival of testimonies as Barr Imakhai, the Notary Public alleged by First Bank to have notarized the Tripartite Legal Mortgage,
disowned the entire document with which First Bank obtained a court judgment on the 18th of November 2016, to illegally take over Whiteplains British School, after cross-examination by Hon. Nkem Abonta Uzoma, Chairman of the House Committee on Public Petitions, at the public hearing to investigate the case of forgery by First Bank Nigeria Plc.

Hon. Nkem Abonta Uzoma, had asked Barr Imakhai to produce an evidence of his original signature and stamp. To his dismay, the specimen provided by the Notary Public, was far from the copies presented by First Bank Plc.

Barr Imakhai had earlier written his statement at the SARS Office in Abuja, where he diligently dissociated himself from the Tripartite Legal Mortgage Document, which carried his signature and stamp as presented by First Bank Nigeria plc.

The representatives of First Bank Nigeria Plc, claiming that they have lost confidence in the ability of the Nigeria Police to carry out due and honest driven investigation, requested that the case be transferred to new Investigating Police Officer (IPO).

There is no gainsaying the truism that the objection by First Bank will in due time be invalidated, by the truism that the Notary Public, during the course of the public hearing presented the affidavit which he deposed to at the time he took oath for the office of a Notary Public. .

His original stamp and signature were appended on the affidavit and has further more been shown to be different from the copies presented by First Bank Nigeria Plc. (287)

There is every belief that the truth shall sooner or later become globally evident- Whiteplains British School .

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