Opeyemi Adetunji Biography: Age, Husband, Daughter, Net Worth, Instagram & Pictures -

Opeyemi Adetunji Biography: Age, Husband, Daughter, Net Worth, Instagram & Pictures

Opeyemi Adetunji is a busty Nollywood actress who hails from Ile-Ife, in Osun State. An intimidating figure, a litany of movie appearances and commendations.

The dark and beautiful Opeyemi Adetunji is popular known in the Yoruba movie industry and has been featured in Yoruba blockbuster movies like Omo Alhaja 2, Omo Ijoba, to mention just a few, is a woman fired up to carve a niche for herself in the movie industry.

Opeyemi Adetunji was born on the 15th of June, in Ile-iIfe , Osun State, south west of Nigeria. Opeyemi  birth year is not known so we can’t really tell her real age because the actress never disclose her age and also her educational background is not known too.

Opeyemi Adetunji talks about her family and childhood, she said: Growing up has been rough but I thank God. Life is not a bed of roses as we all know. I was born into a Christian family, my dad was once an elder in the church and my mum is a good Christian.

I’m the second of four children. We had our fun days too though, I’m very close to my elder sister and mum. Whenever you come to our house, you’ll think I’m my mum’s younger sister, she calls us aunty Ope, aunty Funmi, it’s funny hearing our mum call us that you know and we all receive a peck from my dad whenever he returns from work.

Opeyemi joined the Nigerian movie industry popularly known as Nollywood some years ago and she has rose to fame after starring in the Nollywood blockbuster movie “Omo Alhaja”, “Omo Ijoba”.

Getting into the industry wasn’t that easy because I didn’t really know how to talk to people and ask for help at that time but there was this sister of mine who was temporarily into acting and worked at the school modern clinic where I was doing my NCE. So I approached her and told her that I had interest in acting, so she gave me the contact of my current boss and he asked me to come down to Oyo. I went to see him and that how it started, she said.

Opeyemi Adesola Adetunji is versatile in all ramifications and can fit in any role given to her by movie directors and producers in Nigeria.

Opeyemi Adesola Adetunji has been featured in a movies like: Omo Alhaja part 2, Asebi, Eni Owo, Omo Ijoba, Voice, The Rain, Cupid, Selflessness, The Twins, and then her own movie, Mopelola.

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Check out her Instagram account, Instagram page, photos, pictures and videos @Opeyemi_arike.

Net Worth:
Opeyemi’s net worth is not known.

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