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Biography, Profile and Wiki:
Who is Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo? Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo is the lead pastor and founder of David Christian Centre (DCC), Lagos. He is also the founder of Love, Dating and Marriage with Pastor Kingsley. Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo is the writer, Tv host, relationship coach and counsellor, born on January 29.

Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo who is the founding and lead Pastor at David’s Christian Centre. With over two decades of full-time ministry behind him, Pastor K, as he is fondly called, is a profound teacher with a passion for victory through the word. A unique minister of the gospel, his say-it-as-it-is approach to the word of God has endeared him to many especially young people.

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Pastor Kingsley is the host of the popular monthly relationship seminar tagged “Love, Dating and Marriage” which currently airs weekly on television stations and aims to build strong marriages based on timeless biblical principles.

He has authored numerous books, organized countless seminars and is a much sought after speaker whose humor and practical style of teaching have been a blessing to people of all ages and races. He is happily married to his lovely wife and best friend, Mildred who pastors with him and they are blessed with three adorable children.

Pastor Kingsley is not a man who just teaches, he lays emphasis on doing because that’s the only way to get results. He is a man of faith with numerous results to show for it and he constantly and consistently, with joy, teaches Bible-based principles so that people can live victoriously.

He plays tennis and football as a form of body exercise, watches movies when he can, rides a power bike because he loves to and travels round the world while still preaching the gospel on his trips.

Date of Birth, Age and Birthday:
How old is Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo? Pastor Kingsley was born on the 29th day of January. Details about his birth year as well as his age is not known. Pastor Kingsley never disclose his age to the public, making it difficult to know his exact age, but he do celebrate his birthday every 29th of January.

State of Origin, Home Town:
Which state is Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo from? Pastor Kingsley is a Nigerian and Igbo by tribe. He is currently based on Lagos state, Nigeria.

Relationship (Marriage and Wedding):
Is Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo married? Yes!! Pastor Kingsley got married to his beautiful wife Pastor Mildred Kingsley Okonkwo and their marriage is blessed with lovely children.

Beautiful Children of Pastor Kingsley

Davida & David Kingsley Okonkwo

His Career:
Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo is the founder of David Christian Centre and he has been in the ministry for over decades. He is a relationship coach and counsellor.

Instagram Page:
Pastor Kingsley is very active on Instagram and he is very popular on Instagram because of his messages and relationship advise he do drop on his Instagram page. See his Instagram profile @Kingsleypst

His Net Worth:
Pastor Kingsley is rated one of the richest and most influential Pastor in Nigeria and Africa, with an estimated net worth of $3 Million US dollars.

Brief Biography and Profile of Pastor Mildred Okonkwo:
Who is Pastor Mildred? The beautiful Pastor Mildred Kingsley- Okonkwo who co-pastors David Christian Centre (DCC) with her husband the debonair Kingsley Okonkwo. Mama as she is fondly known by many of the congregants has a soft spot for young women and finds expression through numerous programmes for women.

Born Mildred Isioma Chijide to Michael and Patricia Chijide. I’m the fifth child of six children. I was actually the baby of the family for five years till my younger sister came along and displaced me (laughs). My mother was a teacher and my father a banker and they are both still alive and well and live here in Lagos so my kids have very involved and active grandparents.

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My parents were very particular about getting the best quality of education so my nursery and primary education was at Corona School Apapa. Then on to Command Secondary School Ipaja Lagos for my secondary education. I moved on to Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU) Ile-Ife and University of Lagos (Unilag) for my first degree in English Arts and my second in International Law and Diplomacy (MILD) respectively. Career wise, I started out in the media working in television. I also worked a bit in customer service till I eventually settled into full time ministry with my husband after marriage.

Love, Dating and Marriage:
Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo talks bout marriage while men are not desperate to marry the ladies. Nigerian singer, Simi, reacted to the sermon given by pastor Kingsley of the David Christian Centre, Kingsley Okonkwo, where he called on ladies to stay away from s3x.

In his statement he claimed that the reason why men are not anxious to get married is because they are satisfying their sexual urge outside marriage.

He stated that this is because young ladies are allowing themselves to be used.

“Women need to understand that men are not emotionally developed as they are, women know what they want from childhood. The average teenage girl has dreams of how her wedding will be. Men as teenager is just playing ball, he has no dreams of settling down.”

“He wants s3x, men want s3x not relationship. God put so much sexual passion in men, expecting that women will obey him by doing access denied, so that if he wants so much s3x he should marry. So, he will give you what you want, you will give him what he wants.”

“That was how God planned it, but many women have been sabotaging themselves. So you have been giving it out to people that didn’t put a ring on it.”

“This is why we have so many single people because a lot of guys are sexually satisfied. Men enjoy s3x with more people, than with one person. So, you are messing up and sabotaging yourself by giving out free s3x. If you do national lock up, these men will marry.”

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Simi in her reaction wrote:

“@kingsleypst sir you know ur message (and not this one) has put responsibility on women, if not completely, then mostly. just be careful pls. As a pastor, a lot of people take ur word for it, even tho as Christians we all have access to God and His words the same. But you have this responsibility, pls be careful with it.”

“Even the comment beneath mine saying he understands from ur comment that women should leave a life free of sexual sin and if a man wants her enough, he’ll commit to her”.

Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo Books:
Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo talks about seven (7) questions wise women ask. The question is not just for ladies but for men too. After all, a wise man needs to know the qualities wise women will be looking for as they ask these questions.

In his characteristic manner of passing across deep relationship truths in a way everyone can relate to, with a healthy dose of humour too, Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo takes us through 7 questions that must be asked before any wise woman commits herself to any man. Given that marriage is becoming something of a fad with many jumping into it without the necessary preparations, this book comes highly recommended. Getting married is one thing, staying married and happily too is another. Marriage is not an end in itself but a means to an end, that is fulfilment.

The pace at which the world is moving today is incredible. And it comes to bear even in relationships. People rush into marriage and then rush out too. Sometimes when you are in a romantic relationship or you meet someone you like, the rate of which the relationship progresses is so fast that you don’t have time to ask the important questions. It is almost like cruising at a speed beyond that which is recommended and then the car begins to jerk. Just as on the road, in relationships too, speed kills. It only makes sense to pace yourself on this relationship journey. Let people mount the pressure, let all your mates and even juniors be married before you, a wise woman knows not to rush into marriage ill-prepared.

So shall we call these questions your speed breakers or Speedometers? Yes.
And since marriage originated from God with His intentions for it to be ‘heaven on earth’, this book draws from the Bible, our manual for living.

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So here are the seven questions. They would help you put your relationship in perspective.

1. Why me? Sounds like a no-brainer question until you realize that some men have answered this question with “…because I LOVE the way you pound yam” or ‘…because I have been saying I will marry a Calabar girl and you came along…’ Or the classic answer, ‘…because everyone around me is getting married and the pressure is up for me too…’ Sisters, this is a very important question. Out of the billions of women in the world, why you? Because the answer to that question will sustain the marriage long after the honeymoon period is over. If he doesn’t give you a good answer, let him go please.

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2.Do I know him well enough? No, we don’t mean LONG enough but WELL enough. That you date/court for years doesn’t mean you know the person well enough, especially if the major discussions you have are centered on frivolities. Is he your FRIEND? Is he free to be himself around you? Are you also free enough to discus anything with him? You need to build friendship with him as friendship will guarantee a deeper knowledge of the man and sustain the marriage in the long run.

3. Are we compatible? Amos 3:3 says Can two walk together except they be agreed.
Are you two thinking alike? Does his life vision differ radically from yours? Can you truly be a help meet, someone ‘suitable and adaptable’ to him? Not every guy is compatible with you even if he too is a born-again Christian. You need to check compatibility first.

4. When? Yes, when do you want to marry me? The proposal was romantic: Candles, flowers, chocolates, and a diamond ring, the complete works. But a wise woman still needs to find out when exactly he intends to walk you down the aisle so that you know if his timing fits with yours before you agree to marry him. Courtship should not go on forever.

Other questions are

5. Is he responsible? Can he PRESIDE over the family as the head indeed? Or is he a mommy’s boy? Can he PROVIDE for you and the family? Can he PROTECT you from anybody and anything you need protection from?

6. Who are his influences? You have to submit to this man. You need to be sure that he has the right influences around him guiding his actions.

7. Is he born again? Ladies, you can’t compromise on this one. There are no guarantees on a man that is not born again.

So there you have it. The 7 questions wise women ask.

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