Police Man Attempts To Collect Phone From Man Recording Him In His Car(Pics/Video)

Police man attempts to collect phone from man recording him in his car.

According to the man he said he did not do anything to the police man ,he just enter his car without demanding anything, not even particulars, that he did not ask for driving license nor ID.

That the police officer stopped him and ask him to follow him to the police station without committing any offence but he refuse, that he cant follow him to polcie station without knowing the offence he committed and the reason why he stopped him.

The police officer while trying to defend himself said, thank God i did not ask you to follow me to my house nor to follow me to any other place, i only ask you to follow me to the police station.

When the argument get even hard the police officer try to collect his phone as he was recording it but the guy refuse ,this got them to start dragging the phone, while other of his people ask him to arrest him ,handcuff him.


This is really embarassing!

Watch Video Below,

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