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In Pictures: Meet Praise Nelson BBNaija2020, Facts About Biography, Date of Birth, Age, State of Origin, Praise Nelson BBNaija Bio, Wikipedia, Net Worth, Birthday, Wife, Son, Height, Family, Parents, Father, Praise Nelson BBN Father, Mother, Sisters, Siblings, Instagram Pictures, Twitter, Facebook, Tiktok

Who is Praise Nelson BBNaija?
Full name, Praise Tochukwu Nelson popularly known as Praise Nelson is a 28-year-old Nigerian dancer, fitness instructor and personal trainer and also certified Latin ballroom expert from Enugu state.

Praise is not new to fame or competing, he was a winner at the K-Pop World Festival, South Korea 2015 and won third place at a national Dance Competition in 2010.

Age, Date of Birth, Birthday:
How old is Praise Nelson? He is 28 years of age. Praise was born in January 30,1992 in Enugu state.

State of Origin, Home Town: 
Where is Praise Nelson from? Praise Nelson is from Enugu State in south eastern part of Nigeria.

Family, Parents, Siblings, Sisters,Brothers and Childhood:
Praise was born into the family of four (4) to Mr and Mrs Nelson in Enugu. He is the first child of his parents among other of his siblings. Praise father is also a Nollywood actor, below is the picture of Praise Dad, Mother and her sister.

Praise junior brother, Miracle Nelson, is a Dancer, Model and actor while his sister Favour Nelson is a 20 year-old model and Ul amputee.

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Praise With His Kid Brother Miracle

Praise Sister Favour Nelson

Educational Background:
Praise Tochukwu Nelson had his primary school education in Enugu state and his secondary school education in Government Secondary School, Lugbe Abuja. After his secondary, Praise, proceeded to the National Open University (NOUN) where he graduated.

Is Praise Nelson married, wife? Praise Nelson is in a committed relationship, he has been engaged for four years to her baby mama, they had a son together named Jamie.

Pictures of Praise & Family

Praise Nelson started his career during his University days and since then he haven’t given up on being successful in life.

In 2015, Praise was announced the winner at the K-Pop World Festival in South Korea and he also won third place at the 2010 Malitna Dance All Competition.

Fitness Instructor Certificate:
Praise shared his certificate as a fitness instructor, he wrote; “In the midst of the uncertainty and change that came with the Covid-19 pandemic and resultant lockdown, I decided to undergo a certification course in fitness training, making good use of the time handed to me.

I am excited to say that I am now a certified fitness instructor! An added achievement in addition to my dance certifications. Who says you cannot turn a bad situation into something good.
It can only get better”.

Instagram Page:
Praise is very much active on Instagram and always show off her sexy body on his Instagram account. Praise after entering the the BBNaija Lockdown 2020 house, have gain much more followers on his Instagram account. See Instagram page @Itz_praise

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Net Worth:
Praise Nelson net worth is not known, but will be updated soon.(check back later for update).

Meet Praise Nelson BBNaija Lockdown 2020 Contestant Number 9:

Praise is considered by viewers as one of the most attractive men in the BBNaija house.

Praise Nelson is a 28-year-old dancer from Enugu. Not new to fame or competing, he was a winner at the K-Pop World Festival, South Korea 2015 and won third place at a national Dance Competition in 2010. He is also a fitness and personal trainer and a certified Latin ballroom expert.

What new habit or skill did you acquire during lockdown? Making more time to read.

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What are your words to live by? Never stop striving for the best life can offer, it can only get better.

What’s your biggest achievement? Winning Korean Pop World Festival Changwon in 2015.

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Dance is a performing art form consisting of purposefully selected sequences of human body movement. In an interview with Nigerianpilot

What picture can you create about yourself before your fans? 
My name is Praise T. Nelson; I am a professional dancer and fitness instructor. I work with Ariya dance studio, Utako, Abuja, where I teach fitness and dance. I am also the dance teacher for Funtaj International School, Asokoro.

I’m an indigene of Enugu State, Isi Uzo Local Government Area; a graduate of Mass Communication and resident in the FCT. I am certified in Latin and ball room dance, zumba, hip-hop, afro beat cultural, although I major in Latin and ball room dance, which is an official dance for weddings and dinners.

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I am a member of the award winning dance group called Pacific Stars, the reigning champions of Korean Pop, aka K-POP dance competition. I dance for a living and I dance for fun; dancing is my talent and my hobby. 

How it all began:
Dance has been a passion at heart for a very long time. I started dancing in 2005, 2006 and when I graduated from secondary school in 2006, I was always dancing as a side hustle and in church. My brother, Miracle Nelson, is also a dancer who was on dance with Peter reality TV show.

However, in 2010 I got admission into the University of Abuja to study Law; in the same year I was one of the selected participants for the Maltina Dance All competition in Lagos. I was in Lagos with my family competing for the grand price when my department was conducting examinations in school.

Luckily for me my family emerged as the third position in Nigeria in 2010, but upon completion I discovered that I had missed a semester examination which got me seriously thinking and saying to myself, what do you really want to do? At that point I had to make a decision; I just knew that I did not want to study Law anymore.  Subsequently, I enrolled into the Mobile Dance Academy in Jos where I spent three years. After that I went in for my first degree and Mass Communication was a better option.

I decided to study Mass Communication so that I can have a platform to pursue my carrier in show business, to understand more about advertisement, to get broader knowledge of public relations, as I professionally practise dance and since 2010 I have never stopped dancing.

Tell us about your crew 
The name of my crew is Pacific Stars and we are a group of five young guys. Like I said earlier, Pacific Stars is the reigning champion of K-Pop and let me add that my crew represented Nigeria in the grand finale in of the K-POp world festival in Changwon, Korea, making us the first African country in the history of the completion to win the grand prize in 2015.

K-Pop is an annual dance competition organised by the Korean Cultural Centre for Nigerian youths to showcase their talents. In 2015, we went for the competition after qualifying to represent Nigeria and we emerged as the first position; our videos are on YouTube. Let me add that Pacific dance crew was in Korea for two weeks rehearsing, preparing our dance moves, learning Korean language because we had to perform in the Korean language. It was an all-expense paid two weeks trip which the crew cannot forget in a hurry. 

What are the benefits of dance? 
Dance is fun; what I am today can be attributed to God and dance. Dance has brought me thus far and I am very convinced that it will take me further. I used to be a very shy person; dance helped to build my self-confidence; dance has helped me and even my family as a whole.

Before now dancers were perceived to be unserious and hungry set of people, but I can gallantly say that dance saw me through the university. My textbooks, handouts, tuition were all taken care of by dance. I never had to run to anybody to sponsor me through school because I started practising professional dancing before I returned to school.

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That is why I am training a team of passionate dancers to help them manage their talents, build them and also make them earn in the process of having fun. We are trying to create business and revenue so that you are not just a dancer and a liability but a dancer and an asset.

For me the greatest benefit of dancing is getting paid while I am doing my hobby; nothing beats that. Let’s keep in mind that a hobby is a regular activity that is done for enjoyment, typically during one’s leisure time. 

What inspires your dance moves?
Basically, inspiration comes from what you hope to achieve in the long run. My dance has always been moved by the burning desire to live my dream. Also, I love to see people happy, and my dance entertains and brings smile to the faces of my audience and students; that is a whole lot of inspiration for me. 

Challenges of Dancing 
Once you are determined to achieve something, the issue of challenge will naturally be the least of your worries.  However, I will not dispute the fact that nothing good comes easy because, for me I had to leave Abuja for three years, moved to Jos so that I could be trained and certified as a professional dancer.

This is to say I had to sacrifice my comfort to go acquire some form of training which I will say is my price for success. The training comes with the endless rehearsals and practice but in all, it made me employable and who I am today. Also I will not dispute the fact that a lot of persons have wrong notions about dancers, even in my family, it was a hurdle to convince my parents that I can use dance to achieve something great in life. We are here today celebrating my achievements as a professional dancer. The challenges will always be there but you must use your success story to convince your doubters. 

What can the government do to promote dance in the country? 
I must say that dance is yet to receive the recognition it deserves and government needs to pay more attention to dance and dancers.

Dance is gradually taking over our society as a lot of dance studios have begun to spring up. In our gym centres, dance instructors are invited to run dance sessions with clients, hence the government has to organise more dance competitions, dance programmes so that dancers can have a sense of belonging; and that is what we hope to achieve in Ariya dance studio; it is a home for dance and dancers 

What do you do when you are not dancing? 
I love to play video games. You will definitely catch me playing video games or I am teaching others how to dance, because I know that I will get to a point when I won’t be able to dance again. That is why I have a set of handpicked individuals who I am already training on how to dance because I have come to discover that when you teach you learn more.

What is your favourite food? 
Fried rice

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