Pretty Lady Of Nasarawa Polytechnic Students Runs Mad In Lagos(Pics)

According to eyewitnesses who narrates the story, the lady emerged from the Country Club area in Ikeja GRA, Lagos, and started talking to herself.

“Nobody suspected anything at first as she was merely just loafing about,” said one witness.

“However, as she walked down Joel Ogunnaike Street, she started dancing. Then she went to the refuse bin and started picking stuff from there and puting into her bag. At that point, a few of us started approaching her to see if all was well with her.

“Next thing we knew, she started removing her clothes, starting with her trousers. And that’s when we knew all was not well and we immediately surrounded her.

“Someone laid hands on her and started praying for her and she calmed down and we encouraged her to put on her clothes. We asked her a few questions, which she attempted to answer, but after a few minutes, it seemed she was starting to lose it again. So, we took her phone, which wasn’t locked, and went through it; one of us called the number identified as that of her brother.

“From what I gathered after the call was made, it was confirmed that she is a student of a polytechnic in Nasarawa. He also said we should please make sure she doesn’t get lost as he would start his journey to Lagos immediately.

“Afterwards, she was taken to a Police Station by some people.”

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