‘Rasta’ man’s ‘ungodly’ dance moves bring church service to a halt (video)

The youth of today are so used to clubbing that they easily get carried away and they exhibit their club-like dance moves in the church even as they are in the presence of God where they are expected to be solemn.

An interesting video has surfaced online which shows an exuberant young man dancing in a church as if he was in a clubhouse.

The dance moves were so ‘ungodly’ that a pink suit-wearing man believed to be a church official was compelled to walk up to the young man to restrain him but to avail.

The guy simply hijacked the church service and other church members who could neither compete with him nor join him were left with no option but to cheer on him.

The video was posted on Twitter by parody account Man’s Not Barry Roux with a caption: “When you invite A Friend to Church and He is so used to clubbing.”

Meanwhile, some Twitter users have been expressing their views on the guy’s bewitching dance moves.

One Sandile Collin, who goes by the Twitter handle @sandile_collin, wrote: “Dude came directly from the club to church… that’s how it’s done. Team no sleep.”

Another Twitter user, @ebowesternity, commented: “Look at the influence he’s already having on that little child.”

“This guy did nothing wrong he was feeling the holy spirit,” said another Twitter user @AbbyMalaza.

Watch the video below and form your judgement..

When you invite A Friend to Church and He is so used to clubbing. 😔 😢 😭 😂 pic.twitter.com/KMzw2lKtYV

— Man’s Not Barry Roux  (@AdvBarryRoux) September 18, 2019

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