See How Frodd And Sir Dee Prank Esther On Her Birthday, This Is So Sweet

Convincing Birthday Prank, Frodd Pranked His Baby Esther Is The Most Beautiful Thing You Will Watch Today.

Frodd is really in love❤ He’s planning a surprise birthday for Esther to the extent that he even chose to use his coins to go on a dinner date with Esther rather than saving himself from eviction. This love ehh.

In the video the was a heated argument and fight between Frodd and Sir Dee over Esther in the house.

Sir Dee & Frodd faked a fight just to lure Esther out and wish her a happy birthday, They got everyone good including me.

Frodd went on to lift Esther up and carried her.

Watch the moment below and see how Frodd and Sirdee staged a fight just to surprise Esther on her Birthday. How sweet.

Watch The Videos Below⤵

Ok these guys are really good actors.. Lol the birthday prank on Esther was top notch!!

Well done Frodd and Sir Dee

— Cherie D THE OG! #BBNaija (@CheriesGoon) August 22, 2019

Watch Full Video Below⤵⤵⤵

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