Sheggz BBNaija: Biography, Net Worth, Girlfriend, Age, Cars, Siblings, House, Segun Olusemo BBN Wife, Tattoo

Sheggz BBNaija: Biography, Net Worth, Girlfriend, Age, Cars, Siblings, House, Segun Olusemo BBN Wife, Tattoo.

In This, You Will Find All You Need To Know About BBN Star, Segun Daniel Olusemo BBNaija: His Biography, Real Age, Net Worth, Wikipedia, Profile, Girlfriend, Married, Wife, Wives, Partner, Wedding, Children, Date of Birth, Birthday, State of Origin, Nationality, Family, Parents, Father, Mother, Siblings, Sister, Brother, Career, Education, Height, Weight, Ethnicity, Tribe, House, Cars, Instagram, Twitter, Photos, IG Pictures.


Real Full Name Segun Daniel Olusemo
Nickname Sheggz (Segun Olu)
Date of Birth November 13, 1996
Age 26 Years Old (as of 2021)
State of Origin Lagos State
Nationality Nigerian – British
Religion Christianity
Parents (Father & Mother) Mr. Yemi Oluswmo, Dayo Amos Olusemo
Wife, Spouse, Girlfriend Not Married, Bella Okagbue
Occupation Professional Footballer, Actor, Reality Tv Star
Net Worth $400,000


Biography and Wiki:
Who is Sheggz BBNaija? Sheggz BBNaija has his real full name as Segun Daniel Olusemo a handsome Nigerian actor, professional footballer, and reality tv star based in England, United Kingdom. Sheggz quit playing football after sustaining an injury in 2021, went back to acting again, and was able to land a movie role in a production directed by Tola Odunsi.
Sheggz inclusion in 2022 Africa’s biggest reality TV show ‘Level Up’ has significantly high increased in popularity.
Sheggz came to prominence as the 24th housemate to enter into the Big Brother Naija season seven (7) tagged: “Level Up”. Sheggz is among the BBNaija contestants rooting to win the 100 million naira prize money.
Sheggz described himself as “confident, but not cocky” and “the perfect mix of Lagos and London”, Sheggz is a hard worker, but also a smart worker, and believes it’s important to be both. Talkative when needed, but also a good listener, Sheggz considers himself down-to-earth, relatable, and ambitious.


Sheggz BBNaija Date of Birth:
When was Sheggz BBNaija born? Segun Daniel Olusemo better known as Sheggz was born on November 13th, 1996.
Sheggz BBNaija Age:
How old is Sheggz (BBN)? Sheggz whose real name is Segun Daniel Olusemo is currently 26 years old as of 2021. He will be 27 years of age by November 2022.

Sheggz BBN Birthday:
Sheggz BBNaija celebrates his birthday every year in November. He celebrated his 26th birthday on the 13th of November, 2022. The ex-international footballer will be celebrating his 27th birthday party on November 13th, 2022.


Sheggz BBNaija State of Origin:
Which state is Sheggz BBNaija from? Sheggz BBNaija is a native of Lagos State in the south western part of Nigeria.
Sheggz BBNaija Tribe:
What tribe is Sheggz BBNaija from? Sheggz BBNaija is Yoruba by tribe.
Sheggz BBNaija Nationality:
Is Sheggz BBNaija a Nigerian or British? Sheggz Bbn is a Nigerian by nationality and also a British Citizen.


Sheggz BBN Religion:
What religion is Sheggz BBNaija, is he Muslim or Christian? Sheggz was brought up by a Christian parent making him Christianity, not a Muslim. Though the church he attends is not known.

Family, Parents, and Siblings:

Sheggz was born into the family of Mr. and Mrs. Olusemo as the first child of his parents and has three siblings, a younger sister, and two younger brothers.

Family Pictures of Sheggz, Mother and Siblings
Sheggz BBN Father:

Who is Sheggz BBN’s father, name, and pictures? Sheggz’s father is Mr. Yemi Olusemo, a Nigerian from Lagos but currently based in London, the United Kingdom with his wife and children. There are no pictures of Mr. Yemi Olusemo as well as information about him cannot be found on the internet. Mr. Yemi celebrated his wife during her birthday with a beautiful cake with an inscribed word written boldly on the cake “Happy Birthday My Wife”. See the picture below.

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Mr. Yemi Olusemo, Sheggz father celebrates his wife

Sheggz BBN Mother:
Who is Sheggz’s mother, name, and pictures? Sheggz BBnaija’s mother’s name is Mrs. Dayo Amos Olusemo. Sheggz mother is a graduate of the University of Jos, Nigeria. Mrs. Olusemo currently lives in London, the United Kingdom with her husband and children.
Pictures of Sheggz mother, Mrs. Dayo Amos Olusemo
Sheggz BBN Sibling Sister:
Who is Sheggz BBN’s sibling sister? Sheggz BBNaija has a younger sister named, Tomi Olusemo. Sheggz sister Tomi is a Birmingham City University graduate, and food and lifestyle blogger currently based in Milton Keynes, London.


Tomi Olusemo, Sheggz sister



Sheggz BBN Sibling Brothers:
Who is Sheggz BBNaija’s brother, name, and pictures? Sheggz has two younger brothers. One of his brothers’ names is Fikayo. J Olusemo, who happens to be their last born. There is no information about Sheggz other brothers.
Sheggz younger brother, Fikayo Olusemo


Educational Background (School):
Sheggz BBNaija attended Grange School, Ikeja, Lagos State for his primary and graduated in the year 2008. After completing his elementary education in Nigeria,  Sheggz moved to London with his parents and thereby completed his High School at Skegness Grammar School, Lincolnshire, England.

Sheggz Football Career:
Sheggz BBNaija started his football career during his high school days and university days some decades ago. Sheggz was a professional footballer but had to quit football last year due to an injury.



Sheggz Movie Career:
Sheggz after quitting football joined the movie industry and was featured in his first movie role by Tola Odunsi, a known Nigerian Nollywood producer and director. Sheggz is a handsome man, very tall and light-skinned. He is set to take the Nollywood movie industry by storm. He will be one of the most sought-after actors in the Nollywood movie industry. Let’s keep our fingers crossed and see what he can offer when he will joined the entertainment industry fully.


Sheggz BBNaija Career:
Sheggz has always had a passion for entertainment, Bbnaija Sheggz dreamt of becoming a reality TV star. Therefore, he auditioned for the Big Brother Naija season seven in 2022. Luckily for him, he was selected.
On the 24th of July 2022, he was unveiled as the 24th housemate to enter into the Big Brother Naija (Level Up Season).
Sheggz whose real full name is Segun Daniel Olusemo. The 26-year-old described himself as “confident, but not cocky” and “the perfect mix of Lagos and London”, Sheggz is a hard worker, but also a smart worker, and believes it’s important to be both. Talkative when needed, but also a good listener, Sheggz considers himself down-to-earth, relatable, and ambitious.
Although currently single, he loves relationships but believes it is important to find the right person. “I think it’s important to settle down with someone you genuinely connect with and not just for vibes,” he says.

Why Big Brother Naija? Sheggz believes he has a lot to show the world. “Nigerians have talent, we have swag, we have vibes, we’re smart, we’re ambitious and to be honest, we’re all over the world smashing goals and achieving”.
Sheggz BBNaija Diary Section:
Biggies Diary Session With Sheggz, August 3, 2022.
Big Brother: How are you doing?
SHEGGZ: I’m fine
Big Brother: Let’s talk about some recent events. The Saturday night party and after-party events are of interest to Big Brother. Tell Big Brother what happened.
SHEGGZ: Had a lot of good times. Groovy is my guy and out of my respect for Bella, I did not go in for Beauty but Beauty is cool.
Big Brother: On Sunday, Big Brother introduced a new housemate. What do you think of Deji?
SHEGGZ: Great guy. I think he will be a good fit
Big Brother: How much of a threat do you think he is?
SHEGGZ: At all, I don’t see him as a threat. I’m chilling. No one can be a threat.
Big Brother: Level 2 also had a new housemate. What’s your impression?
SHEGGZ: I know you big brother. Everyone you bring is special so I know she will be special.
Big Brother: What are your impressions of your new Head of House (HOH)
SHEGGZ: Strong character. I think he is a good guy. I got love for him. He tries to lead the best way he can. I have a lot to learn from him. Ready to support him anytime.
Big Brother: Anything you want to tell big brother?
SHEGGZ: Thank you for calling me out last time. I’m sorry. Not to disrespect you but indeed I went overboard. Hope to be a better person.
Big Brother: Sheggz. Big Brother has accepted your apology.
Height and Weight:
How old is Sheggz BBNaija? Sheggz BBNaija stands at a height of 5 feet 8 inches tall and weighs about 75 kg.


Sheggz BBNaija Tattoo:
Sheggz has tattooed his body. He has tattoos on his chest, leg, and hand. Sheggz drew a family tree on his right hand.


Relationship, Dating, Engagement:
Who is Sheggz bbn dating, relationship, engaged? Sheggz has not disclosed his relationship status but is believed that the footballer, actor, and reality tv star is in a relationship, but we currently do not know if he is engaged.

Sheggz BBN Girlfriend:
Who are Sheggz BBNaija’s first girlfriend, name, and pictures? Sheggz does not have a girlfriend before coming to big brother Naija’s house but during an introduction among the housemates, Sheggz revealed that he is currently single as he broke up with his girlfriend a few months ago and is ready to mingle with anyone. But it seems Sheggz has found love in the hands of her follow level one housemate, Bella.
Sheggz and BBNaija Girlfriend Bella

Sheggz and Bella BBNaija Relationship:
What happened between Sheggz and Bella? The two housemates are close and have been seen sharing cozy moments in the show. Occasionally, Sheggz calls Bella babe, but she insists on being called by her real name as the rest of the housemates call her. Their closeness has made many BBNaija fans speculate that the duo could end up being an item.
Sheggz backing Bella Okagbue

Sheggz and Bella Conversation:
Sheggz and Bella were having conversations in the afternoon of Wednesday, August 3, 2022. Sheggz reveals to Bella how he will feel if she got evicted.
In their words;
Sheggz BBNaija: If you leave, I’ll be depressed and I’ll ask to leave.
Bella BBNaija: Don’t say that. Listen to me, don’t say that. You’re here to play a game.
Sheggz BBNaija: My life does not depend on the game. I’ll be depressed. I like to be waking up close to you.
The relationship between Sheggz and Bella is becoming very strong day by day. Let’s see if this will continue like this and beyond the big brother Naija house.

Sheggz Married, Marriage, Wedding:
Is Sheggz BBNaija married? Sheggz BBNaija is not married yet and has not done any marriage or wedding ceremony before.
Would Sheggz marry Bella?

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Sheggz BBNaija Wife/Partner:
Who are Sheggz bbn’s wife, partner, name, and pictures? No indication showing that Sheggz has a wife. The talented footballer and actor does not have a wife as of the time of making this post.
Sheggz BBNaija Children:
How many children does Sheggz BBNaija have? Sheggz big brother Naija does not have children at the moment.




His Net Worth:
What is Sheggz BBNaija’s net worth? Sheggz is a highly talented footballer, actor, and reality tv star. As a professional footballer, Sheggz has done well to earn a living for himself. Sheggz is rated as one of the richest BBNaija seasons seven housemates, with an estimated net worth of about $200,000 -$400,000 US dollars. He earns his money playing as a professional footballer in London.

Sheggz BBNaija House and Cars:
Sheggz currently lives in a beautiful house in London. Sheggz having an estimated net worth of about $400,000 can afford to buy any car of his choice.




Social Media Handles:
Sheggz social media presence is growing massively. The Nigerian-British born footballer is active on various social media platforms. His fan base on the platforms has rapidly increased since joining the Big Brother Naija season 7, Level Up. Here are his social media handles:

Social Media Handles:

Instagram Sheggz Olu
Twitter Sheggz Olu
Facebook Sheggz-Olu
Tiktok Sheggz Olu
Sheggz BBNaija Phone Number:
Sheggz is yet to reveal his real WhatsApp phone number, you can only contact him via his social media profiles above.
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