Shocking Moment Couple Were Captured Having Sex In A Subway Platform (Video)


Police are searching for sleazy couple who shocked commuters by having sex on not one, but two filthy New York subway station platforms in one day, police said.

In a graphic 38-second video shot in the Manhattan station, the couple is seen having sex on a coat as the unidentified man uses another coat in an futile attempt to cover up.

No one can be heard talking in the video as straphangers were seemingly left speechless by the hideous scene.

The train’s robotic ‘stand clear of the closing doors’ announcement can be heard as the man begins to perform oral sex on his partner.

Cops say the woman appeared to be giving the man oral sex on a platform bench in front of other commuters.

The New York Police Department has since released a photo of the man in hopes of finding him, although the woman’s face was apparently not caught on camera.

Police described the man as being 200 pounds wearing a gray overcoat and dark hat.

Authorities were reportedly alerted after multiple witnesses reported the illicit acts they were performing in the crowded subway station.

Watch The Video Below,

Hi Tyler, this video has just come to our attention and we take these complaints very seriously. Could you DM us at your earliest convenience? Thanks!

— NYPD Special Victims (@NYPDSVU) December 4, 2019

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