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Biography and Wiki:
Who is Slavik Pustovoytov? Slavik Pustovoytov is a US based Ukrainian hip hop and freestyle dancer, who became famous after he competed during fifteenth season of “So You Think You Can Dance” and he won the 4th place of the competition, behind Hannahlei Cabanilla, Jensen Arnold and Genessy Castillo.
Slavik is originally known for his hip hop and freestyle dancer, he always showcase his talent mostly on his Instagram and Tiktok page, Slavik has managed to pick up choreography and always make it look effortless and cool. He has his talented partner, Genessy, who her dance together with.


Date of Birth and Age:
How old is Slavik Pustovoytov? Slavik was born in December 23, 1998 and is currently 22 years of age.
Slavik Birthday:
Slavik Pustovoytov celebrates his birthday every year on December 23. He will celebrate his 22nd birthday on the 23rd of December, 2020.


Country, Nationality/Home Town:
Slavik Pustovoytov, was born in the Ukraine and grew up in Stillwater, Oklahoma, United State, he originally hails from Poltava, Ukraine.

Who is Slavik Pustovoytov dating/girlfriend? Slavik Pustovoytov is currently in a relationship with a beautiful girl, he has a girlfriend although he doesn’t post pictures or videos of her on Instagram. Many thought Slavik, is Genessy Castillo’s boyfriend.

Are Slavik and Genessy Castillo Dating?
Is Slavik and Genessy dating? Slavik and Genessy is currently not dating. They have this chemistry in dance floor, they’re just friends nothing much.
When asked what was going on, Genessy responded, “Nothing much! He’s one of my really good friends.”

If the pair are dating, they’re definitely trying to keep it under wraps for right now. It is showbiz, after all, and the pressure of such a public relationship sounds pretty horrendous, especially for stars as young as these. And if they’re not dating, then I at least hope they stay good friends and keep dancing together.

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Slavik and Genessy


Height and Weight:
How tall is Slavik Pustovoytov? Pustovoytov stands at an average height and has moderate weight. He appears to be quite tall in his photos, relative to his surroundings, which is anything to go by. However, details regarding his actual height and other body measurements are currently not publicly available. We are keeping tabs and will update this information once it is out.


His Career:
Slavik Pustovoytov started dancing at early stage when he was still little, before be decide to go into hip hop. He joined the competition “So You Think You Can Dance” at the age of 19 and was placed 4th in there competition.

Instagram Page:
Slavik Pustovoytov is very active on Instagram where he do post some of his dance videos to over his 450 thousand followers on Instagram. See his Instagram profile @Itsslavik


His Net Worth:
Slavik Pustovoytov is one of the richest and most influential hip hop dancer on Instagram, with an estimated net worth of about $500,000 US dollars.

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