The Moment 81 Year Old Woman Performs At 85fit Pole Stunt(Video)

This is scary, me watching is even afraid let the woman not fall from there.(Viewers description)

The scary moment an 81 year old mother performs at a pole that is 85fit part from ground and 22tip to the top.

The woman called mrs carlota, according to her, she is doing this to have a safety heart.

She climb the pole from ground and reach to the top while performing in different styles at the top of the pole.

This is unbelievable, amazing ,what a unique ability and what a performer…Kudos to her.

She is truly amazing
and way too brave ,You can’t even give me millions money to do this.

Ladies and gentle men can you do this?

See Reactions, Watch the video after cut,

Watch The Video Below⤵

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