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Today’s post is all about the beautiful Nigerian-American content creator and blogger Sofiyat Ibrahim “The Oddity”: Her biography, age, date of birth, birthday, wikipedia, net worth, twitter, instagram, height, weight, surgery, boyfriend, married, husband, pictures, ethnicity, tribe, body measurement.
The Oddity Profile Summary
Real Name Sofiyat Ibrahim
Popular as Odditty
Date of Birth June 25, 1998
Age 23 Years Old (2021)
State of Origin Lagos State
Nationality American, Nigerian
Religion Christianity
Parents Mr and Mrs Ibrahim
Husband•Boyfriend Not Married
Occupation Vlogger, Content creator, Media influencer
Net Worth $200,000

Biography and Wiki:

The Odditty who’s real name is Sofiyat Ibrahim better known as Sofi or The Odditty, is a Nigerian born Washington based blogger, content creator and social media influencer.

She is known for her weirdness, hilarious and comic videos she post via The Odditty Instagram account.
Date of Birth and Age:
How old is The Oddity? The Oddity was born in Nigeria on the 25th of June 1998 and is currently 23 years old as of 2021. Her ethnicity is black and she has black hair and black eyes as well.
The Odditty Birthday:
Sofiyat Ibrahim better known as The Odditty celebrates her birthday every year on June 25. The social media personality celebrated her 23rd birthday on June 25, 2021.
The Odditty State of Origin:
Which state is The Odditty? The Odditty originally hails from Lagos states, Nigeria.
The Oddity Ethnicity/Tribe:
Sofiyat Ibrahim aka The Odditty is black and from Yoruba tribe of Nigeria.
The Odditty Nationality: The Odditty is an American-Nigerian citizen.
Educational Background:
The Oddity obtained her degree in Washington Dc and currently studying for her Masters in International Affairs and Peace and Conflict Studies.

Her Career:
The Oddity started creating content in March 2017. She was inspired by her Venezuelan blogger friend who pushed her to start blogging. Sofiyat has been creating content for more than three years now. She is known for crazy videos which she do post on her intsa story and her twitter Page.
Sofiyat Ibrahim choose the name Oddity because she learned that she is ODD, UNIQUE and SPECIAL in her own way. 

That made her to create the name The Oddity. The Odditty is an eclectic fashion and lifestyle platform that encourages body positivity, confidence, and self-empowerment while spreading positivity through fashion and lifestyle content. 
She established the platform in 2017, so as to inspires many around her through her real-life experiences and authentic content that leaves her audience wanting more. 
Through her platform, Sofi has managed to empower many people around the world in order to share her passion for spreading positivity but also her story of growth. In the different odd corners of the internet where you find her, she has successfully positioned herself as a key content creator within her field. 

Her Body Measurement:
Sofiyat is quite not tall but not short, she is just average in height and moderate in weight. She appears to be quite tall in some of her pictures and videos regarding to her surroundings. 

The Odditty never disclose her relationship status on social media, it is not known if she has a boyfriend or not she keeps that private.
Married, Husband and Wedding:
Is The Odditty married? Sofi is currently not married and does not have husband either at this moment.

Social Media Profile:
The Oddity is very popular on social media, thanks to her funny videos she do post on her Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.
She has over 200K followers on Instagram, 200K on Twitter, 31K YouTube subscribers and over 580 Facebook page followers.
Her Net Worth:
The Odditty is one of richest and most influential content creator, with an estimated net worth of about $200,000 US dollars.

Some Off Odditty’s Story:
The Odditty share her story when she woke up from sleep and realized she has stopped laughing. She wrote; “I woke up a few nights ago and realized I’d stopped laughing. That was it. I’d stopped. I’d let societies pressures, my mental health battles, personal problems stop me from laughing so hard the veins on my head were visible. 
So that day I laughed. I laughed really hard and every morning since then I’ve chosen to laugh as soon as I woke up. Because on the days I chose laughter- something changed in me and around me… I felt like I could conquer the world. 
So I hope today you choose to laugh really hard through the stress and worries and sorrow. I hope today you choose to laugh or even smile and hopefully that turns your day around like it turned mine”.

Oddity’s Quotes and Post On Social Media:
“Someone once told me that my greatest gift was my ability to bring people from all walks of life together to connect past their differences and interests and it made perfect sense for my first event to do just that and with @nnikky as my partner in crime… I dare say it was one of the best days of my life. 
I am so incredibly grateful to everyone who came out to support and shared their feedback as well! We hope to do this in every city all across the world. If you missed this one, make sure you never miss the next one. Love you all always”.

Sofi Always Hope To Smile All The Time:
“I hope to always have a smile on my face not because things are easy but because even in my hardest moments… I will always find hope that will put a smile on my face. ⁣
Life isn’t hard right now for me… it’s just really really complicated and scary cause there are so many unknowns but still… you see my teeth? They’re always gonna stay out because I always have a reason to smile”.

School Has Taken Her Time From Posting:
“It’s been almost a year… same month a couple of days apart since I wrote on my blog… I can blame many things. School, work and or just trying to survive life but honestly… I can’t blame anyone other than myself so here’s a little excerpt from my latest blog post… share if you can relate… comment and engage. It’s taken a lot to get here and shiit I’m not stopping now”.⁣
“I imagine that she looks like me… well, she is me, but outside of my head, and when she starts, it always felt like a struggle with myself. She often visits when I am at a low point… sometimes sitting right across from me and other times, whispering in my ear. It starts out small… like little whispers of doubt. She tells me I am not capable, I am not deserving. She lets me know that I am unable to achieve the success I am destined for. And, every time, I choose to listen. I soak it in, and I allow her, I allow it to stop me. I let myself believe I cannot and should not be doing the things I want to do. And this happens every time… you name it! Every aspect of my life, from my classes to my blogging journey. And for many years, I did not know what the phenomenon was. But, this past year, I had more moments when she would come to visit than I’d ever had, and with my frustrations at myself came the realizations of what exactly I was dealing with”.

The Odditty Reposted Her 2019 Post:
“I wrote this caption in June of 2019 and it’s even still so relevant to my life now… Feb 2020. Here y’all go again. This time I hope I really do learn to take my own words and make a real change… I’m holding myself to it. 
June 12, 2019- This is going to be a brutally honest and raw caption: Please be advised. Here we go…⁣
Over the past few weeks, I’ve gotten a lot of emails from brands (like huge ones) with some great opportunities. In the same month alone, I finished my first semester of grad school, got a dream internship, finalized the deal on a new job with an amazing new apartment etc. I can go on and on and on. It finally feels like things are working out for me. Like truly working out so why in God’s name do I feel like a fraud. Like things shouldn’t be. Like this is all a fluke and in just a few days even hours it’ll all be taken away from me.⁣
Honest right? I know. I contemplated posting a random caption and moving on with my day but knowing my #oddfam I knew I’d rather share this and talk to you in my comments about it or even dms. So yeah. I don’t know why. ⁣
I read this quote the other day. It said: it’s not who you are that holds you back but who you think you’re not. When everyone around you continues to tell you how amazing you are and they help you reflect on your successes but you can’t see it… you’re never going to move forward and fully be capable of embracing who you are. I’m still not able to reflect on my successes or see what other people see in me but I swear I’m trying. ⁣
Every day when the doubt climbs into my head and I find myself struggling to believe in my ability to reach my dreams- I get on Instagram stories and act foolish and interact with you. And in those small interactions, as we laugh together and share stories with one another, I know that I’m going to be okay… even when it doesn’t feel like I would be”.
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