The Scary Moment Actress Omoni Oboli Suffered A Flat Tyre At 2Am On 3rd Mainland Bridge, Lagos(Pics/Video)

The scary moment actress Omoni Oboli suffered a flat tyre at 2a.m on the 3rd Mainland Bridge in Lagos.

The Actress shared the post,she wrote: “Current situation 3:06am.
Heading back home from set.
Still stuck on 3rd mainland bridge. We had a flat tire (in short the tire is completely gone) but can’t change the tire because we need a special Lexus L and Key spanner. If you have, pls reach out. We are smack in the middle of 3rd mainland bridge. We have called Lagos State Emergency service and they said they’ll come but…
Reach out if you have a towing can or can reach one. One love 🙏🏾❤️”.

Watch Video Here>>

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