Tim Ebuka Biography: Age, Wife, Son, Movies, Instagram & Net Worth -

Tim Ebuka Biography: Age, Wife, Son, Movies, Instagram & Net Worth

Who is Tim Ebuka? Meet Prince Tim Ebuka Obiefule Bio, Age, Date of Birth, State of Origin,Wife, Son, Movies, Instagram, and Net Worth.

Tim Ebuka is a popular Nollywood actor, producer, director,  filmmaker, lawyer and television personality.

He was born and bred up in Umudioka Ancient Kingdom in Imo State in south eastern Nigeria.

Date of Birth:
Tim Ebuka was born on the 17th of April, his birth year and age is not known. Tim Ebuka shares the same birthday with his wife Ifunanyachukwu yvonne Damian  both of them were born on April 17.

Educational Background:
Prince Tim Ebuka Obiefule had his primary and secondary school education in Umudioka, Imo state where he had his first and secondary school certificates respectively. He later went to Madonna University,Okijia, Anambra state to have a Bachelor’s degree in Law. In 2011 he attended the Nigerian Law School Abuja where he was call to bar. Since then, he has been very active and relevant to the entertainment industry in Nigeria.

His Acting Career: 
Tim Ebuka, in an interview, “I started acting from childhood…when I and my peers would always gather to recreate a film we had just watched (mostly karate and war films then) with the usual slogan “war start” and our ply-wood made guns…we would roam round the compound shooting with the sound of our mouth and dodging from ourselves as well….but professionally I started my Nollywood career in 2006 though off and on because of school”, he said..

Since graduation he has been active in the movie industry, he has been featured in a movies like; * Mark of the gods, * My Sweat, * The Tusk, * Evil Within, * Boy Make Money, * Parenthood, * Two at War, * Ayam not Understanding, * Opposite Coin, * Royal Scholarship, * Two mad Men, * Dust of Faith, * Lazy Husbands and many others..

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He is talented, skillful and gifted in acting and interpreting movie roles. He does this very well and is not selective of any character assigned him by movie producers and directors in the industry. Tim Ebuka style of presentation and passion in acting marked him out among his contemporaries.

His Personal Life:
Prince Tim Ebuka got married to his lovely wife Ifunanyachukwu Yvonne Damian on 23 September, 2019 and had their first child named Chimamanda Ebuka-Obiefule on 30th, January 2020. He is also one of the very few Nollywood celebrities with good reputation.

Tim Ebuka & Wife Yvonne Damian

Tim Ebuka is very active on Instagram and has a good number of followers, check out his Instagram page, pictures and videos@Princetimebuka

His Net Worth:
Tim Ebuka is an accomplished Nollywood actor, rated one of the richest, most influential, exceptionally talented with a rumoured net worth of about $300,000 dollars.

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