4 Simple Ways to Reduce Emotions When Angry

Anger and anger can come anytime and anywhere with a variety of triggers. It could be because of traffic jams, clothes exposed to coffee stains while in the office, or work and other problems. However, how to reduce emotions?

1. Breathe deeply
One effective way to relieve emotions is to take a deep breath. Lecturer from Saint Louis University, United States Robert Nicholson, Ph.D stated that the body becomes tense when we are angry.

2. Listen to your favorite music
The internal rhythm of the body turns out to be able to follow the rhythm of the music we are listening to. Try to listen to music when you’re angry, listen to the soothing rhythm so that the body indirectly follows the rhythm. Pay attention, your breathing and heartbeat will slow back to normal conditions, even more relaxed than before.

3. Walking
Getting up from sitting and walking away from the source of anger, might be an option to relieve emotions. No need to linger, walking for five minutes in an open space is enough to give you peace.

In that way, you can think more clearly. In addition, this method can help you find new insights that can be a solution to the problem being faced.

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4. Relax
your muscles You can relax all tense muscle groups. This method is easy and can be done anytime. This exercise can release almost all of the tension that you feel in the body in seconds. That way, you are much calmer and able to deal with situations with a cool head.

You can stretch all in the body from head to foot. Move your shoulders back slowly, rotate your neck clockwise or counterclockwise, relax your legs by rotating them. In addition, rotate your body to the right and left to relax your hip and back muscles.

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