Habit To Avoid When You Are Stressed, Things To Avoid When Stressed

Some habits that can make your stress feel worse. Of course you don’t want a tired mind to get worse. Therefore, you must avoid habits so that the stress you experience isn’t getting worse. What are they?

1. Bad sleep habits
According Reporting from Hellosehat.com, a 2012 study in the journal Experimental Neurobiology said that poor sleep habits can make stress hormones jump.

This condition is temporary and lasts only a few days. However, if you often do the habit, it certainly causes prolonged effects.

Sleep deprivation is a habit that can make stress worse. It’s time you don’t get enough sleep, cognitive function also decreases and makes your mind become stressed.

For that, you can change it by staying up late and getting up early every day. In addition, you can avoid the habit of watching television or using electronic devices before going to sleep, and turn off the lights to get good quality sleep.

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2. Often eat fast food
According to Harvard Health Publishing page, people who are stressed usually respond to this increase in the hormone cortisol by eating more. That might be because high cortisol levels affect the sensation of hunger in the body. As a result, stressed people will try to overcome it by eating, especially fast food that makes you risk overweight.

Therefore, it is strongly recommended to avoid the habit of eating fast food when stressed. This habit also increases the risk of illness for you in the future.

3. Frequent daydreaming
Continuing to reflect on your mistakes is one habit that can make stress worse. As a result, you pay less attention to quality of life and slowly damage your life.

Therefore, try not to daydream too often when under stress. Try to focus more on the solution of the problem than thinking about how it can happen.

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4. Ignoring stress
The first step in managing stress is to realize that feeling of stress, then after that you find out the main causes of the emergence of stress, find solutions and overcome them slowly.

If you feel stress is in control of your life, try to find out how to manage stress properly. However, if you are still doubtful and confused, you can consult with a psychologist or psychiatrist to get better help.

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