“If I Had A Man, I Will Show Him Cleavage” Toke Makinwa Reveals She Is Still Single In New Video

Toke Makinwa has revealed she’s single and enjoying her single status, though she admits she’s missing some things by not being in a relationship.

The media personality took to her Instagram Stories late into the night to speak to her followers.

She initially released clips where she talked about praying for peace and advised her followers to seek peace above all things. She added that she would end the video after her little talk but she didn’t and went on to release more videos taken in her bedroom.

She informed her followers that she misses not being in a relationship because if she had one, she would be FaceTiming her man and won’t be on Instagram.

She said” Sometimes, I miss not being with anybody. Now, the way I’m disturbing you guys… If I had a man now at least I’ll FaceTime him and show him some cleavage… Like, ‘Hey Babe. What’s up? What are you doing? Do you want to come around?’ Now that I don’t have, I’m going to disturb you guys. You people are going to listen to all my rants.”

She later adds: “Do not get me wrong. I enjoy being single. I love, you know, the fact that I can come and go as I please and I love spending time with myself. I think that has been the best gift my singleness has given to me: just getting to know myself, knowing my limits, and just loving, evolving, and growing and glowing into the women that I’m meant to be.

“But at other times… be nice, you know what I mean… you want someone… that I can disturb. You know… Someone I can call like when… you know… because I’m that kind of person in a relationship I’ll call you when everything is going left, when everything is going right. I’m such a talker.”

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