IG User Causes 4 Boys Who Were Captured Rapping One Girl & Sharing Video Online

Here is a shocking video showing the moment four boys were captured rapping one girl.

In the video making rounds online shows how four boys were all banging on a girl forcefully, in the video which the shared online shows how the boys were holding the girl strongly while the other guy went for his own turn.

In a post shared by IG user Uncleefezyy , He said “say no to rape if she no agree leave her, that in a a matter of sense that one boy don’t suppose to rape three girls talk more of four boys rapping one girl, this is inhuman he said..”

He went further to lament, “that tomorrow now they will marry and born pikin, their pikin will look like devil. That if the girl is their sister how would they feel. He said for this particular four boys God will punish them and may problem of Nigeria enter their head”.


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