Marylove Edwards Biography, Age, Net Worth, Instagram, Tiktok, Boyfriend, Parents & Height

Meet Talented Teen Tennis Super Star Marylove Edwards, Facts About Biography, Date of Birth, Age, Birthday, Net Worth, Family, Parents, Instagram, Video, Tiktok, State of Origin, Height, Boyfriend “Lol”

Who Is Marylove Edwards?
Marylove Edwards is a talented teen tennis player, who become popular after the then 14-year-old defeated Blanche Minet (7-5, 3-6, 6-1) to win her first International Tennis Federation Juniors title.

Date of Birth Birth, Age:
How old is Marlove? Marylove Edwards was born in Lagos state on March 18, 2005. She is currently 15 years of age now.

State of Origin:
Where is Marylove Edwards from? She was born in Lagos, but hails from Ogba area of Lagos sate Nigeria.

Family, Parents (Father and Mother):
Marylove was born to Nigerian parents of Mr and Mrs Edwards in Lagos. Her father Edwards started training her daughter in other to become a professional tennis player at the age of four (4).

Instagram Page:
The teen tennis player is active on on Instagram and she has over 2,500K followers on Instagram and is rated to be the least teenager to have a verified Instagram handle. See her Instagram profile @Maryloveedwards

Her Net Worth:
Marylove is currently ranked #3 on the list of Nigeria Tennis Federation for women singles. According to report, Marylove’s net worth is said to be about $30, 000 U.S. dollars.

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All About Marylove Edwards Biography:
“She did it!” Monsurah, a sports journalist and a huge fan of Marylove tweeted after the 14-year-old defeated Blanche Minet (7-5, 3-6, 6-1) to win her first International Tennis Federation Juniors title. Marylove was ecstatic herself, even though she claims that nothing up until that moment had eclipsed the joy she felt winning her first-ever tournament at the age of 8. That win was special, I celebrated it for a month,” Marylove tells me.

Born on March 18, 2005 in the Ogba area of Lagos, Marylove Edwards started early as a sprinter and not a tennis player. Her father, Eddy Edwards started training her at the age of four to be a professional sprinter. He would sneak her out of the house to the gym without the knowledge of her mother who felt Mary was too young to be trained as a professional athlete.

Eddy wanted his daughter to achieve global stardom on the track and so he persevered. It wasn’t long before he noticed that Mary was always gasping for breath after running a few miles. After several failed attempts to find a way around this breathing challenge, Eddy switched to plan B, tennis.

Despite having no expert knowledge on the game of Tennis, Eddy was determined to raise a superstar. Since he couldn’t afford a professional tennis coaching school, he turned to the video sharing site, YouTube, to get all the help he needed to refine his rough diamond, Mary.

Eddy downloaded countless videos online with several instruction manuals to effectively guide the development of his daughter. “I learned most of the techniques and tactics in tennis watching YouTube videos, in addition to those I requested from tennis academies abroad,” says Eddy.

Mary was only five years old when her sojourn in the tennis world began. She would give up a bit of her childhood to a daily routine of diets and exercises that would catapult her to limelight if she stayed the cause. She recalls her father telling her just before she turned 8, that “if you corporate with me, you will have international friends. You will fly around the world. You’ll be on television and published in newspapers. You’ll be famous. Just work with me.”

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This meant that at break time or right after closing hours of school, Mary’s father would pick her up and head straight to the court to practice. In fact, Eddy would negotiate a special arrangement with any school he was going to enroll his daughter in, to allow her to be picked up for a few hours when necessary. Most schools turned him down, but one obliged.

It all began to add up when in 2013, at the age of 8, Mary would win her first tournament, The CBN Juniors (under 12), at the Lagos Lawn Tennis Club, beating much older opponents. At this point, Mary told me, “I felt untouchable and could win anything.” Mary would go on to win over 30 tournaments, both locally and internationally and ranking amongst the top 600 juniors globally.

Her hard work, diligence, and sacrifice are starting to pay off. Eddy strongly believes that she will be playing in the grand slam in 2021. “In sports,” he says “if you believe it, and work hard at it, you can achieve it.” Marylove is having the time of her life. She is hungry for glory and wants her name to echo around the world like the Williams sisters. She tells me confidently with a smile that revealed only the side of her teeth, “I want the world to know Marylove Edwards.”

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