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Complete Bio of Chisom E: Real Age, Net Worth, Wikipedia, Profile, Boyfriend, Date of Birth, Birthday, State of Origin, Family, Parents, Father, Mother, Sister, Brother, Married, Husband, Height, Weight, Ethnicity, Tribe, Instagram, Photos, IG Pictures.

Biography and Wiki:
Who is Munachimso Emenike? Her real full name is Munachimso Adaure Emenike also known as Chisom E, is a beautiful Nigerian super model and brand influencer. She is one of the raining Instagram influencer and have model for so many top brands in Nigeria.
She is very beautiful, tall, gifted, creative and highly talented model and influencer.

Date of Birth and Age:
How old is Munachimso Emenike? Chisom E, an Igbo Princess was born on the 18th of April and details about her real age is not known, but from our research, Chisom E is currently in her early 20’s.
Munachimso Emenike Birthday:
Munachimso Emenike celebrates her birthday every year on April 18th. She will be celebrating her birthday in coming days on April 18th, 2021. 

State of Origin, Home Town:
Which state is Munachimso Emenike from? Munachimso Emenike, originally hails from Imo state in the South eastern part of Nigeria.
Family, Parents and Childhood:
Chisom E was born into the family of Mr and Mrs Emenike. Her father and mother are both from Imo State. She was born and bred up in Lagos state where she is currently doing her modeling work.

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Educational Background:
Munachimso Emenike had both her primary and secondary school education in Lagos state. After completing both her primary and secondary school education, she proceeded to the University of Lagos, Nigeria.
Height and Weight:

How tall is Munachimso Emenike? Munachimso Emenike stands at an average height. She appears to be quite tall in stature in her pictures, relative to her surroundings, are anything to go by. However, details regarding her actual height, weight and other body measurement are currently not publicly available. We will update this section when the information is available.

Who is Munachimso Emenike dating/boyfriend? Munachimso Emenike is very tall beautiful girl who is every mans crush. The beautiful Instagram is currently dating a handsome guy, but never show off her boyfriend on her social media space.

Engaged, Fiancè, Wedding:
Is Munachimso EmenikeEngaged? It is not known whether Chisom E is engaged or has a fiancè because she never disclose her relationship status to the media, she keeps that aspect private.

Wedding, Married, Husband:
Is Munachimso Emenike married? No!! Munachimso Adaure Emenike is not married yet and does not have a husband either at the moment.

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Her Career:
Munachimso Emenike started modeling at a very young age. Even when she was still in secondary school she modeled for so many brand before gaining admission in the University. Since then she has become one of the most sought after super model and brand influencer. She has model for so many products and brands.
She is currently a brand ambassador to “Gleam Skincare Nigeria” a Nigerian beauty skincare brand.

Aside modeling and brand influencing, Chisom E has her own business page @Shopmunie_ where she sells clothing and accessories.
Instagram Page:
Munachimso Emenike is very popular on Instagram, with so many audience in Lagos State and large. She has over 100k Instagram followers and she is loved by her fans thanks to her unique beauty. See her Instagram profile @Chisom_e

Her Net Worth:
Munachimso Emenike is one of the in demand talented Nigerian model and brand influencer, with an estimated net worth of about $150, 000 US dollars.

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