Soso Soberekon Biography, Age, Wife, Net Worth, Wikipedia & Real Name -

Soso Soberekon Biography, Age, Wife, Net Worth, Wikipedia & Real Name

Meet popular artist manager and producer, Soso Sobereko Who Is Soso Soberekon? n (White Lion) Biography, Date of Birth, Age, State of Origin, Girlfriend, Wife, Net Worth, Family, Parents, Real Name, Governor2023, Instagram and Wiki.

Who Is Soso Soberekon?
Soso Soberekon, is a popular talent artist manager, entertainment personality, and Ceo White Lion Global. He was the former manager of music label, Five Star Music.

Soso Soberekon is Known to have some influence in the entertainment industry. He is known to helped in securing shows and other deals for the artistes he managed. Soso, usually accompanied his artist to events and also the one responsible for his artist booking arrangements.

Date of Birth, Age:
How old is Soso Soberekon? Soso Soberekon was born on the 6th of June in Port Harcourt, Rivers state. His birth year as well as his age is not known. But the entertainment manager should be in his late 30’s.

Sate of Origin, Home Town:
Where is Soso Soberekon (White Lion) from? He is from Rivers state. Soso Soberekon hails from Buguma, a large town in River state, south southern part of Nigeria.

Educational Background:
Soso Soberekon attended Emarid College Port Harcourt, Rivers state, where he obtained his certificate respectively. He then proceeded to University of Port Harcourt, Rivers state where he bagged his Bachelor degree certificate.

Relationship Status:
Is Soso Soberekon (White Lion)
When asked about his marriage plans, Soberekon said, “Getting married is in my plans but funnily enough, the person I wanted to get married to, wedded another person. I invested so much money in the relationship but at the end of the day, I wasn’t available. My heart was broken but we were both at fault. Right now, I’m not in a relationship but once I see someone I like, I’ll make my move.”

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Soso Soberekon (White Lion) started his career in the entertainment industry some decades ago and has been successful in it. He is the owner of Madskillz Studios, which he opened on October 2003. He is also the Ceo of White Lion Global.

Soso’s consistent successes as an Entertainment entrepreneur handling some of Africa’s Biggest Music stars, proves without a doubt that the world will create space for you if you deliver excellence.

Instagram Page:
Soso Soberekon (White Lion) is one of the most followed celebrity and he is well known on social media space. He is very active in all his social media accounts, both Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts. See his Official Username in all his social media handle @Sososoberekon

Net Worth:
Soso Soberekon (White Lion) is rated one of the most richest and most influential person in the entertainment industry. He is said to be worth $5, Million dollars (Not really verified) but will be updated soon.

Soso Soberekon For Governor Rivers State:
Soso Soberekon on September 1st 2020 declares his interest to run for 2023 Rivers State Governorship Election. He took to his social media page popular known as Instagram to declare his interest.

Soso Soberekon in his statement reads;

“With love for our State and a fierce commitment to a vision of rapid progress for indigenes of Rivers State and following wide-ranging consultations, I offer myself to serve you as Governor. I therefore intend to be a candidate in the 2023 Gubernatorial election. I seek the opportunity to offer our State visionary, purposeful, competent leadership to build our future. The time is now we can do it. God bless”

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