Unclad Woman Dances For Maried Dj Khaled On Instagram Live While He’s Fasting And He Shut Her Down(Video)

DJ Khaled’s reaction when a sparingly-clad woman connected to his Instagram live and started to twerk for him while he’s fasting has gone viral on social media.

The endowed curvy lady had on bum shorts that showed off half of her bum. She also had on a skimpy bra that could barely contain her boobs.

When she connected and started twerking, DJ Khaled quickly tried to get her to stop but she only took it up a notch by telling DJ Khaled that she has water. She then turned her bum to face the camera, twerked some more and started to pour water on her butt.

DJ Khaled tried to tell her to stop and is seen nervously darting his eyes around his room to check if any of his kids or wife is coming.

He said to her,

“I’ve got a family,” he told her at some point and even covered his eyes with one hand.

“Try to be normal. I have a family,” he added but the woman continued.

At this point, the married father-of-two disconnected her from his Instagram Live video.

Watch The Temptation Video Below,

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